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JP: Guns and Dinos

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Jurassic Park (Data East): Guns and Dinos by System-J


Credit: This sound package is built up and out from Endprodukt's original OST and there is lot's of his fingerprints all over it (including possibly his voice in some files).

Warning: May contain music from Guns and Roses

Welcome to the Jungle, Baby! You're going to Die! Yes, I got the idea to add GNR simply from this lyric (I feel your eye rolls, more than half of you). I've really kept the GNR music (a few songs from Appetite) for multi ...errr, "Tri-balls" err... anything more than 1 ball. There's also some surprise clips here and there. 

If you like this sound package and would like to buy me a beer or just a couple games at my local barcade, please donate @ https://paypal.me/systemjpinball . Very much appreciated if you do. I am surprised that there isn't more sound packages for games that are shared. If there's more of a gratitude culture out there I bet more would be. Also, make sure you send me your email as if I do any future versions I'll be sure to pass them on.


Built on from my OST22 JP version. I've changed the main theme back to the one Endprodukt used (in the OST22 it's used more sparingly for Tri-Ball as a build up effect). But other than that most of the JP music and call outs are in the same place they are in the OST22 except of course for the GNR tracks.

-added GNR songs (I'll let them be a surprise what and where, but like I said earlier, look for MB's to be different).

-some GNR clips for some effects.

-added a few JP callouts in other spots since I was starting to work on a 3rd, ...4th? version (OST23?) that I'm still working on and got sidetracked with this one. So there will likely be some non-GNR surprises from the OST22 as well.


I really tried to make the Triball and the Chaos MB interesting and a lot of time went into it. Still though it doesn't always play nice and you may get some other songs playing. Some intentional, but also some because the JP sound code will sometimes play a different track for some reason. Anyways, it's nice sometimes in it's randomness, sometimes just works incredible, but sometimes just doesn't sound right. I suggest, playing is quite a few times as it will hear different things on every game and enjoy it for what it is. Also, the further you get into the game the more GNR music you will hear.

Hope you enjoy,



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