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    Really nice work! Sounds great it was well worth the wait! Thanks!
  1. No worries Baptiste! I think everyone's just pumped for your quality pinsound. Cheers mate!
  2. Just saw your YouTube video. Excited for the Simpsons pinsound. Your work is so good!! ? ?
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Replaced music and a couple jingles with a mixture of original score and soundtrack. Hope you enjoy my fellow pinheads! The awesome vpx table was made by: Script: Javier and 32Assassin Plastics and Playfield: DStruct Models: Francisco666 and Rom Physics: ClarkKent
  4. Version .9


    High Roller Casino with some amazing music from Ocean's 11. Kept the original sound effects for now. Go download the beautiful table by DJRobX and Dids666 if you don't already have it! hope you enjoy!
  5. Corvette Kavinsky 90s Fever Dream mix View File music by Kavinsky, replaced some sfx. Will update when time allows. Hope you enjoy Submitter trizoneGB Submitted 09/08/2020 Category Corvette  
    This is SO good! takes me back to 64 days. thanks for all the time you put into this. Very well done! If you dont have this, what are you waiting for!?
  6. can a moderator please delete this thread? I dont want to congest any of the forums and ill post it by uploading it so it can be verified. thanks!
  7. Version 1.0.0


    music by Kavinsky, replaced some sfx. Will update when time allows. Hope you enjoy VPX Conversion by: Goldchicco & 32assassin Graphic Details by Mussinger
  8. heres a corvette pinsound ive been woring on, hope someone enjoys it https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtHETK_Td0qKij1Iu-qRX0iR6FWJ?e=nYiTB8
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