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STTNG_Mathazar_Mix_v1.7.zip 1.7.0

About This File

Baseline: STTNG Ultimate Orchestration by jedimastermatt

Changes to baseline:

  • Normalized all files (Music to 89.9db, SFX to 91db, Voice to 91.5db)
  • Added Holodeck sign-on SFX (boot.wav)
  • Music: Fanfare from STTNG Episode "Conspiracy" for ball-in-shooter-lane
  • Music: Background music from STTNG Episode "Descent" for Worm-hole mission
  • Music: Mariachi music from STTNG Episode "Deja Q" for Q mission (borrowed from the Anthology package by M00dawg)
  • Music: End Credit music from STTNG Episode "The Child" for main_theme
  • Music: Background music from TOS Episode "Doomsday Machine" for Final Frontier mission
  • Music: Background music from STTNG Episode "Cause and Effect" for Mission Select
  • Music: Track "Mocking Jaylah" from the Star Trek: Beyond movie soundtrack for the Romulan mission
  • Music: Background music from STTNG Episode "The Last Outpost" for the Ferrengi mission
  • Music: Track "Battle in the Mutara Nebula" from the Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan movie soundtrack for the Battle mission
  • Changed End-of-Ball Bonux SFX to the ones provided by PinHead in his package
  • Changed chirpy Hail back to original/legacy for 2 out of the 3 End-of-Ball SFX
  • Changed Extra Ball SFX back to original/legacy
  • Changed three of the Explosion SFX's back to original/legacy
  • Fixed the voice file "Reading indicate a replay sir (+ SFX)" which was truncated after "readings indicate"
  • Stacked up multiple cast "Silly" voice bites for the Flipper and Gun Trigger in Attract Mode

See and hear the soundtrack in action: 


Edited by Mathazar
Added link for video

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