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Making a new mix question. Terminator 2 Trance version..

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I am new here, I live in the Netherlands :). 53 years old.
Just bought the Pinsound Plus last week.
I have a Terminator 2 Pinball.
It sounds great, also bought the boxes.

I have downloaded 5 zip files, which I found on this forum. 

They work.

Now I want to make a mix of my own. I also used Pinsound Studio. 

What I want is that I want to make a new folder on the USB. So I have my own directory of my mix.

What I tried  is that I renamed an existing zip too for example "T2 Trance". 

I put it in the soundboard withe the usb. En when I look at the maps I see "T2 Trance"

The only music I have changed in this is the main theme.

I deleted .cache and have used an converted wav file, 16 bit.

What I see is an extra map "T2 Trance" in the root file, so it looks like the other maps :D

So I tried to start my mix (first steps) but it looks like it didn't start. Switching to zero volume again and again...

Does someone know how to do this?

Simply said: I want a working own directory on my usb. So the original mixes wil be intact.

I hope someone understand me. I am from Holland so maybe I talk a little bit coal English ( In Dutch we say "Steenkolen Engels" :D 

I think the Man Theme music folder starts at once when you start when this works. 

Thanks in advance!! :D

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