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How long do I wait for audio conversion?

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Downloaded and installed Julian GNR 42.

Installed the usb drive.

Powered up game. It beeps seven times and a female voice says "performing audio conversion, please wait."

Over and over again..... No G and R but some elevator music.

Do I have bad files, Corruption, bad board?

30 minutes and still nothing.

Any suggestions to what is going or not going on?

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I just got a Pinsound Plus for a DE The Who's Tommy.  I updated the firmware as instructed when I installed the board.  I placed a USB 3.0 Sandisk 32GB flash drive in the socket with 2 sound packages - the original sounds for the machine and the original motion picture soundtrack. 

Is audio conversion SUPPOSED to take a long time?  Is it supposed to happen every time the machine is turned on?  Does it go much faster with only one sound package?  And when I turn the machine off and then turn it on later is it suppoed to do this all over again?  It seems to be taking about 30 minutes.  That's really a long time to be able to have a play.  I'm quite disappointed if this is normal behavior.

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