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Found 6 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Tommy sound pack with songs from the original motion picture soundtrack that play in random.
  2. Hello Pinsound community !! Ended mix Batman Data East OST. Rest some small corrections before download on the forum. I REALLY REALLY wished to pay tribute to Tim Burton, to his movie Batman, to the pinball machine Batman DE, and it is in this spirit that I worked this mix of best which I was able to!! 100 % of sounds, voices, and musics come from the movie. The subject of this video is not to present the pinball machine, nor to make a very high score, but to present the mix and its musics, voices, etc... so with some breaks, ball on flippers. Thanks to Batman and Tim Burton ! Thanks Pin
  3. Hi I’m totally new here and would love a Tmnt data East sound package, help with creating one from scratch, or if one already exists I’d love a link. Any clues or development on this so far?
  4. The board appears to be correctly installed. I've followed the instruction card provided with the USB drive. After waiting for it to complete, there's no audio when starting up a game. I've checked all audio dials on the board and main volume inside the cabinet. There's audio while its "installing" or unzipping. The "waiting" music plays with % completion updates as it progresses. Just no audio once it's "complete". I've also tried loading the zip file onto the usb drive with the pinsound software (which would be much faster if it worked). Unfortunately I get the same result. An
  5. Hello all... Please can someone advise as to what I am doing wrong. I have a pin sound board that I had installed into my guns n roses which worked perfectly and most awesomely.. Now I decided to install the board into my star wars , this is where it all goes wrong. I have tried now 14 tomes to get this to work and each time it is doing the same thing. I download the files as i have done with guns, and instal into the board it does all the usual stuff decompressing and then installing then when the game starts it just churns out random R2-D2 sounds and a faster remix of the ori
  6. Hello Pinsound community !! I work at present on a mix OST for the pinball machine Batman DE. All the musics are ready, and certain sounds. I end the work at the moment on all the sounds and the voices. Absolutely everything will be extracted from the BO of the movie, as well as the musics of Prince who composed of it!! I PREPARE A MIX WITH THE ORIGINAL ENGLISH VOICES, AND A MIX WITH THE FRENCH VOICES ;-) I announced in a teaser (made for the funny...) that he would be ended in October, I took a little of delay, it will be at the end of November. Have a nice day ! Baptiste
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