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  1. Bonjour à tous, je me demandais si quelqu'un d'autre avait été inventif sur le Tz ? J'en suis à ma 3ème banque de son, et par contre je ne trouve pas les 2 précédentes que j'avais uploaded sur le forum, c'est normal ? Merci à tous pour vos lumières ! D
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  3. There was an error processing the file. Make sure that after selecting your file that you click the 'Attach File' button before submitting. I can't find 'attach file' button I've tried your basic uploader but same problem... It's a rar file (76,9mo) Any idea ? Thx !
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  5. That's ok, i've just uploaded the new version
  6. I need more time !

  7. Thanks ! BUT is it possible to delete it for the moment cause some little adjustements are needed ! ! ! Can i upload or delet it myself ??? Regards
  8. I've uploaded the new one..., not still online.
  9. Hey Mister Crrispy ! Thx ! The updated is now ready ! But how can I do to replace the old one ??? Regards.
  10. Hi and thank you too.
  11. Hi there, could you tell me why it is written : You cannot upload a new file cause i've try to share a personnal Tz mix but after uploading it, nothing happen. Thx for you answers.
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