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  1. I am enjoying your Rush mix on my Doctor who. Hope you will add to the pinsounds.
  2. Hail and well met fellow pinball citizens. I have just installed Pinsound+ along with new stereo speakers. I have it in my Bally WPC89 Bally Doctor Who from 1992. The sound is amazing now. Much better, even the original sound track. I love that several enthusiasts have added Rock, Disco, Metal, and Modern music files for me to download. I wish more people would contribute. I am still new at this, but hope to contribute one day. Back to playin pinball and rocking out.
  3. Just ordered a Pinsound + for my Doctor Who and some FF speakers and stereo wires. I was able to download the original from Pinsound and save it to a thumb drive. Next is some of these custom mixes, I have seen on Youtube and Pinside. Thanks to who ever did the tutorial on youtube. I am following every step, so far. My board just left France and is heading to Washington DC. EXTERMINATE!!!
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