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  1. Thank you for the new files. As soon as I downloaded the Batman Forever sound files after you had updated them everything worked perfectly! I can't thank you enough for your personal attention and quick response!
  2. More troubleshooting... Though I just purchased the Pinsound NEO, I downloaded the firmware update and did that. I have a Lethal Weapon 3 pinball, so I downloaded the sound file for that, and everything worked perfectly. INTERNAL FIRMWARE REVISION ------------------ 0077 PACKAGES ------------------ Lethal_Weapon_3_1992 (active) PINSOUND FIRMWARE VERSION ------------------ 21.01.3 (This is from the Diagnostic file off the thumb drive after the Pinsound NEO successfully worked with the Lethal Weapon 3 file) After the successful test of
  3. Purchased Pinsound NEO, downloaded Batman_Forever_Original.zip Formatted thumb drive to FAT32. Copied Batman_Forever_Original.zip file to freshly formatted thumb drive Installed board in machine, inserted thumb drive, applied power. "Performing Audio Conversion Please Wait" then 3 times it says: "Error Encountered During Audio Conversion" then it says: "Checking USB Flash Drive Please Wait" then 3 times it says: "There Are No Sound Files On The USB Flash Drive" Tried another USB Thumb Drive... same problem. Tried a third USB Thumb Dri
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