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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Judge Dredd OST remix by JPR
  2. Judge_Dredd_OST_0.4_JPR View File Judge Dredd OST remix by JPR Submitter gerald Submitted 01/10/2020 Category Judge Dredd  
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Roadshow OST remix by JPR
  4. Road_Show_OST_0.3.2_JPR View File Roadshow OST remix by JPR Submitter jrawlinson_2000 Submitted 01/10/2020 Category Road Show  
  5. Its a pain the the ... but you need to contact the pinsound chaps and upload you OST so they can add the required files then download it again from them. Best of luck
  6. I have used the original Pinsound board, just looking at getting some more boards so downloaded the latest software but my original mixes will not load into the Pinsound Studio Pro as I am getting 'Incorrect sound package no config-pinsound file found'. Where do I get this file and what does it do, I can not find any help on this.
  7. Does anyone know where I can get this file from? I know I can make my own but wondering if there is one around?
  8. Just tried to create one of these for Judge Dredd. Surly there must be an easier way to get all the sound details for the game from the files, or am I missing something. I've managed to get the .psrec file to create, as I played the Visual Pin game, but I am guessing to get ALL the sound details form a game one has to play the entire game, all modes, all side missions EVERYTHING! Is this not a little difficult! Any help here please. Thanks Julian
  9. I have started a Roadshow Reorchestration, code name 'Roadshow on Moonshine' . So far I am changing just the music and using Creedance Clearwater and some Little Richard, I am having trouble with a couple of sounds that will not stop playing at least for a few seconds until I presume another type of sound takes priority. Now strangely enough the Pinsound software is reporting 2 missing sounds (51 & 255); > >>> [info] missing : 255 0xff > >>> [info] missing : 51 0x33 > >>> [info] missing : 51 0x33 > >>> [info] missing : 51 0x33 &g
  10. Did you manage to fix the Bobs item purchase non stop playing of sound? I'll upload my OST to a cloud provider somewhere are drop the logon details here soon.
  11. Hi, I think you are talking about the music that plays before the ball launch, then when you launch it plays another track. I get the same thing, but I quite like it, it was a tad odd to start with but I have now got used to it. Do you want to have my Road Show OST? What music are you using? I'm Creedance Clearwater and a few Little Richard tracks.
  12. I have made a re-mix of Road Show but have noticed that some original sounds do not stop playing, they do after a while I guess when a sound becomes the priority and overrides the playing one. I have noticed that in the software there would appear to be some (2) missing items 255 & 51, I presume this is the reason why I am having this problem, i.e. the missing sound would presumably stop the previous sound. What can be done about this? >>> [info] missing : 255 0xff >>> [info] missing : 51 0x33 >>> [info] missing : 51 0x33 >>> [info] missi
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