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  1. Yeah, i was hoping it was waiting approval or something - but still not there. Guess i'll get downloading a load of packages to be safe..
  2. Sorry, meant to post back. Yep, couldn't get the new version working with VPX either. I couldn't even see anything to indicate it's listening for vpinmame, seemed to be a package editor only - but maybe i'm missing something. Will have another look when i get chance. For now i've gone back to the previous version as i'd just renamed the folder.
  3. Download link above for 19.07.2 studio pro now working. Will give it a go tomorrow. Thanks
  4. I know Deaks resolved this, but for others - use /minimized as a cmd line parameter when launching
  5. Hi, When opening pinsound studio 18.8.3 it tells me there is a new version available, 19.07.2 Where can i download this, is it what will be known as pinsound studio pro that's not not yet available for download? https://www.pinsound.org/help/pinsound-studio-pro/
  6. Yes, the issue i had with star trek 1991 using v18.8.3 was pinsound studio crashing out, but that only occurred if the pinsound studio wasn't maximised or minimised - which it wasn't when i was testing. Once i opened it and minimised it instead of running it in a small desktop window everything worked ok. Weird!
  7. You'll probably find a few versions of openal32.dll on your pc - i certainly wouldn't recommend swapping any in the C:\windows\ system sub folders, but changing the one in the pinsound folder will be fine, and if you have a backup of the original (just rename it openal32.olddll or something) you can always change it back if you do have any problems with pinsound studio.
  8. It seems that using the openal32.dll file distributed with v0.9 of pinsound studio (attached) will change the sound to stereo instead of surround in the new version of studio. Just backup new copy and drop it in its place. This seems stable and works, but i do have issues with the star trek 1991 mix in visual pinball with pinsound studio 18.8.3 crashing out... might still be a data east thing?, not sure.. openal32.dll
  9. Exciters are vibration speakers. In visual pinball you can have 7.1 sound, front speakers are at the back of the cab with exciter speakers as surround speakers at the rear and front of the playfield to give sound & vibration feedback for mechanical / ball effects. The sound in the latest pinsound studio uses all sound channels rather than the front (backglass) speakers alone in stereo. Hope that helps..
  10. Same here.. might have to rollback to v0.9. The gain.txt files in the folder sub structure also appear to be deleted now, but not if in the top level folder of the sound package?
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