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  1. I'm interested in this as well.... I tried setting config to 999 but it still went to sleep after a few minutes.
  2. The clipping only happens during multiball when a lot is happening all at once. +12V is a good place to start I suppose.
  3. Impossible for now? I wonder, is this something I can help with? Is the mapping not complete with GNR? I like your idea of 7 wavs, but as with most Pinsound users, I bought it for the customization. Dizzy Ball should have piano since he is the keyboardist, Gilby Rolls should have something exciting like Out Ta Get Me, or Don't Damn Me (which you have already included). I'd volunteer to help finish the project, if that is even an option...
  4. Two questions: Does wav file size have any negatives? If I keep them smaller will it reduce clipping/interruptions during game play? If not what is the main cause of clipping? Also - for GNR some of the mapping doesn't make sense on occasion. Having trouble getting unique music for Dizzy Ball and Gilby Rolls... when I put music in those folders no results... they both apparently sample wavs from the same folder. Is there a workaround? Thanks!
  5. Julien - thanks for your work on GNR! I am trying to make my own mix using yours as a template. What are your thoughts on some of the modes/missions not quite matching up? Gilby Rolls and Dizzy Ball seem to use the same source folder called "Many Missions" making them impossible to customize individually.... Will
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